What We Do

We recognize that Naples is a unique location and homeowners want to enjoy as much of the Naples Paradise as possible.  So, we ensure that the operations of the Association are run efficiently and effectively.  Just some of the services we provide include:

Financial Services

  • Monthly accounting reports produced in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner
  • Separate bank accounts maintained for every association
  • Appropriate accounting controls in place
  • Orderly collection and deposit of maintenance fees
  • Methodical approach to the collection of overdue accounts
  • Timely payment of the Association’s invoices

Administrative Services

  • Oversee vendor services so each is performed in a competent and workmanlike manner with licensed, qualified contractors
  • Assist in the timely placement and renewal of insurance policies
  • Attend Annual Membership Meetings, Board Meetings, and other meetings as may be necessary
  • Have the required documents filed in a timely manner including tax returns, Corporate Reports, and other local/state documents which are required by law

Facility Services

  • Our office has multiple meeting areas for the Association with an electronic presentation system available
  • Notary Public on staff
  • Conference system available (telephone and internet)

Communication Services

Perhaps one of the most important functions of a professional management team:  Communication!  Our managers communicate throughout the day with directors so issues, concerns, and ideas may be addressed quickly and effectively. We communicate with the homeowners to also address questions and concerns both during normal business hours and after hours should an emergency arise.